Who are we?
Who are we?

Who are we?

If sports and exercise are central to your life, then you are also looking for a dog who likes it: dogs have needs, namely physical and mental challenges, in addition to clear leadership, which the dog understands. We, Claudia and Harry are a relatively young couple (1981 and 1979), who are sporty and enterprising.

In 2013 we started with running events, we run from 10 km to half marathons, later track running such as Strong Viking runs was added. In 2016 Claudia got a chronic injury to her feet, which made her stop running for a while, slowly she learned to live with that. Sometimes we still participated in runs, but no longer regularly, because we used to do a running event every 2 to 3 weeks. We started to focus more on the fitness part: Claudia has been involved in crossfit since 2013, first in the form of a personal trainer class, then a short “break” due to chronic injury and later picked up again, but then in the form of group lessons, because a new gym was established in the area. offers this in groups.

From the beginning of 2020, Claudia is taking a personal trainer class for fitness and because crossfit is in groups: we can follow crossfit together. Since Claudia has a chronic injury to her feet, you may understand that she was allowed to learn and stand again and this is still painful. She works on a farm for several hours a day. It is important to her that she has time to rest and takes it before she can be active again.

Because we are fans of sports and exercise, we decided to buy a dog. Not just any dog, but an Australian Cattle dog, mainly because Claudia has time to give the dog attention, in the form of playing, to walk, but also mainly to train. We are therefore in favor of training agility with the dog, in addition to the obedience lessons.

There are also several nature reserves where the dog can walk, leashed and loose, in the forest, on a made beach, in natural water, play with the mud: wonderful to be outside in nature. Harry; I have my own interior company since 2000 and often work at home in our workshop. We have two employees. We now have a plot area of ​​1800 m2 with garden. We have a workshop with a space in front and behind, which extends to the garden and our private area. Our residential area is completely fenced.

As a result, we have the freedom to keep several dogs and form a pack, because we enjoy keeping dogs, now but also in our past, we have decided to make our bitch pregnant through a recognized stud (with pedigree) ). We are going to keep and raise one of the puppies ourselves. We have chosen this, besides that it is special to have a litter, I wish our dog a mother and child relationship.

Claudia; works at a farm. There she often feeds the animals. This is for a few hours in the day, she starts in the morning and is home before noon. Claudia is most occupied with the dogs and training the dogs. The puppy will learn a lot from the mother dog and keeping several dogs has the advantage that the dogs are social with each other. We have three cats, so the dogs are raised socially with other animals. We don't have children, but the dogs come into contact with the children of family / friends / neighbors.

We like to give the dogs individual attention and train them separately from each other, because every dog ​​has its own needs for physical and mental stimulation, just having a garden and having space is not enough for a dog, a dog also want to DO! We love dogs that want to work and that is why we are mainly active with the dogs.

Most of what attracts us to the breed is that it has a personality of its own. We have a dog who does not like to bark, but is vigilant. Doesn't have to be a dog that is always "everyone's" friend, but one who is trainable. We are working on the dog course, we also want to do that with the puppy, so that the puppy learns the basics and after that course, we want to continue with the follow-up courses. The dog course offers, for example, tracking, taking a course, but also the social aspect: dealing with other dogs. For example, with Dakota we want to do more agility and with the puppy we start at the beginning: the obedience courses. Especially because the dog is intelligent, we want to stimulate the dog to keep thinking actively.

We know that the dog can be stubborn and literally does what she likes: but we still try to stimulate the dog and make it enthusiastic for further courses, Dakota is so enthusiastic and has a talent for agility. The social aspect: dealing with other dogs, does the dog good, but also the regularity and routine thereof: combination of training and playing with the dog and on the dog course itself, the further you get there: the more challenging it becomes for the dog , but otherwise the dog has mastered the basic commands well, so that walking on a leash, for example, is a pleasant experience.

Dakota can be alone and in the future, our own puppy will also slowly learn to be alone with us, this is gradually increased to usually only for a few hours a day. This happens when the rest of the puppies have left the nest. The dog usually does not have that much time that he is really alone, but we do want to teach the dog that he can also be alone for a while. We prefer that he can walk around in the garden. But the dog likes to dig, so we can stay alert.

When Claudia comes home from work she also has time for the dog and the puppy nest. When Claudia goes to work, Harry stays with the dog and at this moment with the puppy nest, Harry plans his appointments with customers etc. how it will be, but as long as the puppy's litter is there: we take that into account and later when the puppy litter has left, to the new owners: we take our own puppy into account. We just let the dogs roam free in the living room, the puppies in the whelping box, later in the puppy run: everything is cozy in our living room. Dakota runs all over the house.

We don't have children, we do have three cats. So the puppies learn with us to be social with the cats. We are not expecting children in the future, however we have girls next door, children from family and friends. The puppies learn how to get along with the children. And the children are big and old enough to know what is and isn't allowed with a dog, and they are also used to pets. We will also encourage this, so that the dog also learns to play with the children.

Claudia, takes the most care of her, and normally: in the morning Claudia lets Dakota out, this is also possible, because before 8:00 am: it is quiet on the road, in the woods and a morning walk is a good start of the day. After 11am: She can take care of Dakota and the puppies, normally she walks with Dakota, trains and in between she can take care of the household.

Now we have a different routine because of the puppies. The dog and the puppies remain under supervision. Dakota can walk around the house and outside in the garden etc. further because the puppies are in the living room, they are developed “homely”. In the evening hours: normally: sometimes Claudia works out in the fitness school, but we have a basement with sports equipment, at the moment Claudia also gets lessons from a personal trainer but having a dog and spending time with training and walking: is also not underestimated, so that is also sports. But since the puppies have arrived, the puppies are getting our full attention.

Harry is at home when Claudia goes to work out and on the Sunday: we both do sports, this takes about an hour. Because we have puppies: we stay at home or Harry goes out alone or we exercise in the basement, while there is always one of us with the puppies. Later, when we have a puppy: until the dog is not yet used to being alone, we keep training in our basement, or one of us sports and the other stays at home. Normally, we do crossfit on Sundays and sometimes this is alternated by running or cycling, Dakota comes along so she can run alongside it.

There are many forests here. We live next to the village and the forest area is within walking distance. We regularly run outside ourselves and it is the idea that the puppy will go along with it later. We will also take regular walks. The dog (s) also provide safety in this, especially if Claudia walks and runs alone.

We are happy to welcome a puppy into our household. Besides Dakota, we first had a Jack Russel, grew up from puppy to dog, she died of old age, turned 15 years old, then we did not live that spacious yet.

Furthermore, we both grew up with dogs: our parents always had a dog. "Harry" with a Border Collie and "Claudia" grew up with several large dogs: Groenendael, German Shepherd, Golden Retriever for example.

We find it especially important that we have a dog that can also be just “dog”, but regularity and routine are important to us, we also encourage our dogs for courses, long walks, possible runs. Normally, from Monday to Thursday, Dakota is 2 hours alone, but because Harry works from home, often in his own workshop and office, it is less than 2 hours. Leaving it alone: ​​we slowly build that up to the maximum of two hours, more often than two hours alone, is not so common for us and that differs per household.

We will soon take our dogs for a walk (when the puppy litter is out of the house) and play with the dogs. Long distances will soon be no problem: if the puppy is ready for it later. We like to take the time to do that. The main thing is that the dogs lose their energy and with regular walks from short to long distances, this will certainly succeed, especially if you alternate with cycling and running. So with fitness that is good and by doing exercises in the form of training, detective work or just playing: you are immediately busy with thinking for the dog.

On vacation, away for a few weeks, etc. We don't do that, we are at home, because of our own company. Dogs are great company, which we can both enjoy. When Harry is done working, he can enjoy the dogs and a walk or run is in order. Even then we enjoy the dog as company.

Claudia spends most of the time and care for the dogs, hence the dog training: she has the time and can give the dog the necessary routine, regularity and discipline that the dog needs, from Monday to Thursday, she works between 8 a.m. and 10.30 a.m. at a farm and she is home around 11 a.m. The dog can always walk around under supervision in the garden or rear of the house or possibly indoors. If we want to go away for a day, we arrange a “babysitter” so that the dog is taken out, played and cuddled, we have people around us to whom we can ask this. Since we don't go on vacation, we don't need a long-term babysitter. We have a dog shelter near us, we can possibly take the dog to a dog shelter for long-term care, or we are looking for someone to take the dog to take care of or the person will come to our home to take the dog to take care of so that the dog stays in its familiar place.

🐶🐶 Furthermore, we recommend new owners to read a book Specifically About the Dog Breed for helpful tips and advice as it is a specific breed: we are enthusiastic about the breed. 🐶🐶

We have experience with dogs and we do have a large garden and plot area, but above all: we have TIME!

Also as indicated: Harry often works at home and Claudia is present at home, so far, we give the dogs a nice home.